The Creepers Saga

You and Me against the World You and Me against the World – Book 1 of the Creepers Saga

There are things worse than death.

Oncologist Russell Thorn knew that was true, but he never imagined anything as horrifying as the virus. The infection has turned humanity into creatures of vicious insanity. The survivors call them Creepers. By day, they relentlessly hunt humans and by night, they burrow underground to await daybreak from their earthen graves.

Doctor Thorn’s rescue by a group of young survivors is just the beginning of a nightmarish journey to find the last safe place on earth. It is a road where they will discover the limits of their own humanity and the costs of love, loyalty, and hope.

Time, however, is running out. The Creepers are evolving and gaining intelligence. Bullets alone will not save the survivors and each must decide the sacrifice they are willing to make to save their friends and to give humanity a chance for one more tomorrow.

 The first novel by Raymond Esposito – Purchase it here  or at



AOFS All Our Foolish Schemes – Book 2 of the Creepers Saga

The survivors had experienced things worse than death.

Like the loss of friends, infected cats, and the Creepers. Fleeing from the insanity of Fort New Hope, pursued by the relentless Infected, their hope rests on their love for one another and a far off place once called Wyoming. It is a thousand mile trek across a landscape of death and horror and a journey marked by impossible choices.

First, however, they must buy Dr. Thorn enough time to save their injured friend. In the remains of a small hospice, they will again, play out a dangerous race against the clock. For with each passing moment spent saving their friend, the Creepers draw closer.


The second novel by Raymond Esposito – Purchase it here  or at

2 responses to “The Creepers Saga

  1. Your book sounds quite dark and, judging by your blog, that seems to be your style. I am writing as well, at the moment a psychological thriller. I am 17 so I have plenty of time to develop. Anyway, how did you seek publication? How many versions of the story did you write? I might end up reading this book, once I’ve finished the ones I need to go through for my exams!
    My Blog:

    • Robert I self-published because horror fiction is difficult to get to market. I actually started the story by putting chapters on my website and then went through a couple of edits. If you are interested in reading the book send me an email at and I will send you a free electronic version.

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