Graveyard Radio

When I was a young lad, on Sunday nights, if the weather was clear you could catch an AM radio station from New York broadcasting Mystery Theater or something like that. These were not horror stories, but usually crime or mystery stories done with actors and sound effects and cool stingers. I loved that stuff. I’m not a huge fan of audio books myself as I prefer to read the story and fall into the world. I did, however, want to give it a try – to hear some of my stories read aloud.

Graveyard Radio is a cross between a theatrical production and an audio book. Neat little intro’s to each story, background music and of course me…reading the story. I discovered a real appreciation for making an audio recording. It’s a lot of work. There are currently four stories available and I do take requests if you’d like to hear a particular story that I’ve written. They are available both on my other blog and in the Itunes store and of course for free. Again if you listen, send me a little feedback and tell me what you think.

Listen Here

Opinions are fun!

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