The Nightmirrors Website

I have a website in addition to this blog. You should visit it if you like horror stories. It’s here.

I wrote my first horror story when I was a kid. It’s not on the website. I wish I still had it. I wrote a lot of stories before a computer was something everyone could have. I shared some of them, but most of them went into a box and the box went somewhere that I don’t recall. I loved writing and even considered it as a career from time to time, but life requires food and shelter and for that you need a paying job.

When my sons became old enough I started writing stories for them. Stories I would read to them and their cousins around the campfire. Their reactions were fun and I loved the way that they became so engrossed, perhaps obsessed with the tales I told. The original story, Eat Your Candy, is over their on my Nightmirrors website. It’s not the best I’ve ever written, but it is such a fond old thing I can’t get rid of it.

It was my wife Cheryl who started my writing career again. I had written a few more stories and read them to her. She loved them, the way only a wife can love something a husband does. She wanted me to send them to a publisher. I’m a realist. Story publishing is like the lottery or at least used to be before someone learned how to make a buck on self-publishing. She did convince me to start a web site. The first was called Open Doors. I kind of liked it. I was certain no one was reading any of my work, but it felt good to put it somewhere in public.

Then I discovered a different type of writing talent – the erotic kind. I won’t tell you my pen name…I have a career and children for crying out loud. I will tell you that I have made a few bucks off of writing “porn.” It wasn’t about the money though because ultimately I put some of the stuff out onto “free” websites…and I had one hundred thousand reads…yeah I know that’s crazy. What I did discover however was that readers liked the “voice” of my work and that inspired me to write more horror stories…although Amazon allows me to continue to make a few bucks with the other stuff too.

So I upgraded my Open doors website to Nightmirrors – because I liked the play on words and the psychological aspect of it. I wish I could say that it receives as many hits as my blog…but hey readers are readers. I don’t post the stories to make money because that would be crazy since they are free. I hope that readers will find the work interesting and scary and that perhaps they will be inspired to part with a few dollars to buy my novel.

If you’ve made it this far than pop on over to Nightmirrors and have a read, provide some feedback, say hello, whatever you prefer. My favorite? Hmm, they’re like children, I love them all. I guess if I had to choose just one it would be Reflections…no A Run up the Stairs…no Ken-ya Lend a Hand….oh forget it – you can decide for yourself.

Opinions are fun!

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