The Saturday Trailer

World-After-the-Apocalypse-09I’m certain most people spend their Saturdays doing normal stuff. Me, when I have some free time I like to spend time on creative things. Today, I had an idea on creating a book trailer. I heard a lot of people are doing them, but I have no idea if they really serve any purpose. Just the same…and three hours later…I created a video promo for my Creepers Saga. And of course I choose music which means that I can not use this commercially…copyright laws and such…unless AC/DC feels particularly generous. So if you watch the video which is at this link on You Tube… and that video is the reason that you decide to read the book – then please contact me for a free electronic download. In that way I have not realized any financial gain in the use of For Those About to Rock by AC/DC. Have fun, I did!


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