Creating My Own Horror Story


I enjoy blogging although with work (which is a lot of writing) and my third novel, it is a challenge to keep the site current. It is an issue that every blogger faces. We start out with a boatload of ideas and then over time it gets a little more difficult to come up with new ones. Still, I had been thinking about writing more on the topics of writing and the self publishing experience. I’m no expert, but I’ve learned a lot in the past three years and thought it might be of interest.

There was of course another concern. The readers here at Nightmirrors signed up for horror commentary. I felt it might be a cheat to suddenly start adding in writing topics. Dark movie fans, dark fiction fans and writers do not necessarily share cross interests in topics. It occurred to me that I could start a second blog, Writing in a Dead World devoted to the art of dark fiction and publishing. That would resolve one issue, but the bigger issue of time still loomed. I mean I have plenty of content for the new blog – in fact I have outlined twenty-four articles, but still two blogs seemed a  big commitment.  So with no rush I grabbed up the new WordPress url and selected a nice theme and then just let it be…until yesterday.

During lunch I decided to take the next step of organizing and formatting the site – just in case. I added some pages, did some widget links, and added some pictures. My plan was to invite other blogger/writers to join me in authoring the site so I even added a Co-Host space. Almost done, I realized I couldn’t really get a feel for the layout unless I posted an article. I decided to use “Don’t Write That!” because it fit with the scheme of the blog and because it had been “freshly pressed” back in July. I pasted it in and hit publish. I wasn’t crazy about the layout, but I figured I’d come back later in the week…or month…and play around with it.

A short time later I began getting notifications of “likes.” I assumed that the blog would never be found – I still don’t know how readers did find it. To add to my troubles there were people signing up to follow my blog. A blog I was not ready to fully engage. Oh well, I guess I’m officially in. If you have such interest in writing, publishing or like listening to my general opinion lol, please feel free to join me over at Writing in a Dead World.


3 responses to “Creating My Own Horror Story

  1. I blog both on writing and on horror on my blog. I don’t know why you can’t do that on this blog, but I’ll check out the other one anyway. Besides, I’m always happy to discuss horror or writing with other writers.

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