I Love you, but I’m Not IN Love with you

ISSUE-006      I Love you, but I’m not IN Love with you

You may have heard that a writer’s story is much like their child (or in some cases a beloved pet). We think each is perfect and often can’t see any flaws. When a writer sends that “child” out into the world, they hope that everyone will love it as they do or at least not reject it for its potential imperfections. There is however a vast difference between being a “writer” and being a “published writer.” The first requires  the commitment to tell the best possible story. The second requires someone to believe that story is worth putting into print.

To be a “published” writer, one needs first and foremost to brace themselves for rejection. Not one rejection, not two, but dozens, maybe even hundreds of rejections. In the horror market, where opportunities to publish are so limited, the possibility or more accurately, the probability of rejection is ten-fold. Now publishers and editors are very kind. They don’t feel a need to trash an author’s work. The standard rejection is much like the sort a person might experience in the dating world. They say things like, “the writing was very good, but we have limited space” or “it’s just not our type of story-line” and “we think you’d be better served by someone else.” It all amounts to “It’s not you it’s me” “I love you but I’m not in love with you,” or the dreaded, “I don’t want to risk our great friendship.”

Rejection is a part of the game. If you want to be an author you have to embrace it. Most author’s who stay in the “game” rejoice at each rejection – the rational is, “With each ‘no’ I’m one submission closer to ‘yes.’” Yeah remember we’re authors so we enjoy our little fantasies. I have several rejection letters. All kindly worded from various places. I am however one of the more fortunate people. It took only four no’s to get to a yes.

In the March issue of Sanitarium Magazine (an on-line horror magazine available on your iPad) my short story, “A Run up the Stairs” will be published. I was shocked when I received their email and contract. I honestly expected the usual “no” (okay I did put a reminder on my calendar as to the date of their promised reply so I wasn’t completely without hope.) But still amazing support to my fragile writer’s ego. Apparently Sanitarium is willing to risk our friendship lol.

The March issue will be available on the 22nd -please consider supporting this fine publication 🙂



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