Why a Zombie Outbreak will Disappoint

juliet_starling___03____jum__zombies_are_stupid__by_hinitsuburagi-d5os8h2              Why a Zombie Outbreak Will Disappoint

I love zombies, well more correctly, I love the thought of pitting myself against the horde. I mean, who doesn’t? Although I consider myself a “glass half full” type of guy, I cannot however be a little pessimistic over the promise of an inevitable zombie apocalypse. In a past article, I listed all the reasons why we couldn’t wait for such an event. Today, I thought I’d examine the topic with a little more realism. The truth, I fear, is that even if we discount the over all odds against the ultimate “get out of work and pretty much every other commitment free” card… aka the zombie outbreak… the facts suggests that the outbreak would be less than anticipated – kinda like when I bought my Kindle Fire and ten minutes later realized, “hmmm, it’s really just a slightly larger version of my phone.” So don’t get me wrong, I’m still anticipating the great zombie uprise (and hoping they are slow zombies, not the fast kind, as I’ve been remiss in my cardio), but the reality is there are five reasons it will probably disappoint.

cone1. Like a Home Depot sponsored weather report: I grew up in New England where winter meant the possibility of Snow Days. So often I went to bed with the excited thought that I would awake to a foot of snow and an AM radio announcement of school closing. And so often I awoke to a dusting and a deep desire to strangle the weather man for building my hopes. Today I live in Florida. Hurricanes are all the rage and when we are in season, nothing sells like a 300 mile hurricane cone of possibility. It seems that a lot of those weather reports are sponsored by the “Home Depot,” as they instigate massive expenditures on stockpiling generators and plywood. There are other examples, like the recent Mayan Calendar Scare. Look we live in a modern world, with a ton of technology and even more pharmaceuticals. The likely scenario is that the outbreak will be small and it will be contained. A few pockets of fun, maybe a day or two off from work, and then business as usual…and a lot of bottled water to finish up. I fear most of us will have to stand by and watch the footage and never actually see a zombie. But lets say it goes a little beyond that and builds up a head of steam…

overcrowding2. Millions Standing Around: Half the fun of a zombie apocalypse is being the last survivor and finding a safe place to peacefully live out your life. Now while out of control population may be a benefit to the virus spread it present two issues. The first is I’m not certain how different the world would be with zombies. I travel a lot and from what I’ve seen there are already millions of people hanging around consuming resources without adding anything to a productive society.  We might be disappointed to discover that a zombie outbreak pretty much looks like your average Sunday afternoon at Wal-Mart. The second and bigger issue is population reduction which is one of the greatest benefits to an outbreak. If half the world died tomorrow that would bring us back to the same population we had in…wait for it…1972! Now granted I was only six years old in 1972, but I don’t recall anyone complaining that there “aren’t enough people.” So any outbreak is really going to have to do some work to make the world look like a vacant place. But even if it does, there is still the potential of a third disappointment.

redneck-farm-tractor-tank3. Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight: There are about 270 million guns in the United States. The police have an additional million and the armed forces have about 3 million. That doesn’t include the larger toys like tanks, jets and missiles. Basically we have 90 guns for every one hundred people. Realistically this is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel. Even if you don’t have your own gun, just stay inside and let your neighbors clear things out because 8 out of 10 of them have a gun. In the US our biggest concern will be the Canadians crossing the border to scoop up our weapons – they have only 30 for each 100 people. Now granted there will be places in the world that are screwed. Our friends in the UK only have about 5 guns per 100 folks so they’ll be using a lot of clubs and knives. However, the Brits are so polite by nature I’m assuming even their zombies will also be polite and allow citizens get a head start and only take small bites. In the US anyway this adds up to less concern over being killed by a zombie and a greater likelihood of being shot by Billy-Bob’s wild enthusiasm to kill something other than boar for a change…um pretty much like it is today.

rednecks-with-guns 4. Dude, stop stealing my kills!: And a shooting gallery it will be. There is such anticipation to kill zombies, the streets will be a literal shooting gallery. You’d be better off to stay at home. I’m certain that Yahoo Sports will start a Zombie Fantasy league. The common family man will be lucky to get the opportunity for one or two kills. I imagine it will be like one of those community easter egg hunts I went to as a kid – too many hunters and not enough eggs. Or perhaps more like a Black Friday electronics sale. In the movies you so often see people running from the zombies and screaming for help. Like all things Hollywood this is the least likely scenario. Between all the guns and all the excitement, people will be running towards the walking dead trying to up their kill rate and impress their friends. Which is all the result of the final issue-

zombie-preparedness 5. Remain Calm – Kill Zombies -“this has been a public service announcement”: People are just too prepared. Granted things might break down if the zombies are runners instead of walkers. Certainly a loss in electricity will throw a wrench in the works and of course those guns are not evenly spread across the US (lets just say I’d rather be in Texas or Florida than California when the zombies rise). All that aside, and with the exception of large populated cities, I think the entire thing will be under control in less than a week. Sure you may become infected or perhaps some of your family will, but lets face it, no one is going to hesitate to put you down. We’re just too educated on the topic and we’re just too damn eager to kill zombies. And that’s just the average citizen over the age of eight. It doesn’t even account for all the Dooms Day Preppers.

zombie_preparedness_befriend_slow_white_lg_design_premium_magnet-rc912cd3193cf494a8e91172dff09a57c_adgu2_8byvr_512If the zombie apocalypse is going to be all that we hope it is, it’s going to have to hit us fast and hard or there will be 300 million guns blazing. Like a reader commented on my last post on this topic, “The hardest part of a zombie apocalypse is pretending you can’t wait for it.” Hell the National Guardsman will be lucky if they get off a shot anywhere but Washington DC or NYC. So while I can hope and I can certainly write about it, I can’t help but feel that the Zombie Outbreak will come and go with all the satisfaction of Y2K.


9 responses to “Why a Zombie Outbreak will Disappoint

  1. I think the scariest part of this post was the idea that it will be like a Sunday afternoon at Wal-Mart. Just kill me now….I’d have to agree with your assessment that Texas is a good place to be in the event of the zombie apocalypse. And I have to admit, my best friend and I already have a zombie plan in place…

      • I think I’d rather be a zombie….our plan consists of “Find each other. Find one of our redneck brothers, who both have guns…” Even her 10-year-old daughter has a zombie plan.

  2. I’m more worried about demons being let loose on this Earth through supernatural means. To me, that’s a bigger threat than zombies, becasue demons are only harmed by magic and weapons with magical endowments, which means all the zombie-effective weapons are pretty much dead weight.

    • Well Rami right after I call the Winchester Boys to help with the Demon problem, I plan to find all the answers in my Tarot cards. BTW won’t at least some of the demons look like really hot chicks? See there still may be an up side LOL

  3. The fact about a lot of guns might be true for Us, Canada, Switzerland and similar countries which have a lot of guns per capita… but the rest of the world doesn’t have that amount of personal firepower.

    But I generally do agree with you, if the apocalypse happens with slow walkers… we COULD win easily. Fast walkers on the other hand and we have little to no chance of winning; maybe survival at it’s barest form.

    Good Blog, glad to be supporting your book! 🙂


    • Sorry you got flagged as “spam” LOL and I missed your post. “Runners” would not be my preferred world 🙂 Thanks for checking in and thanks for supporting my book!

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