There are things worse than death

AOFSThere are things worse than death….

Like the business part of publishing. I love stories, I love writing them and creating new (if not deadly) worlds. The business side of it all, well that just sucks the fun out of it. Like having to “self” promote my second book. It’s like a parent bragging about their kid – you want to do it, you know you need to do it, but you don’t want to be that “person.” Still I’m pretty proud of All Our Foolish Schemes. I think it is a better story than the first. Just enough “zombie”  and, I quote Caroline here, a “touch of Nicolas Sparks.”  The cover art was a real change from the first book too. My cover artist Jessie did an outstanding job and I’ve given a lot of thought to revising the first cover to include my original mock up…but not before I write the third book in the Saga.

Book 2, All Our Foolish Schemes is available today at my Create Space Bookstore. As promised, both books can be purchased for 20% off by visiting my website here and grabbing up the discount code. All Our Foolish Schemes will appear on Amazon and in a Kindle Version in about a week.

So what’s next? Well definitely Book 3, working title Our World in Darkness and Light. As outlined, it feels like the last book in this Saga, but that depends on a few details I haven’t yet worked out – I know exactly where and how the saga ends, I just don’t know how long it will take to get there…and I’m not completely certain which of the characters will survive the journey. As you’ll find in Book 2, pretty much everything in on the table when it comes to character misfortune.

Whether this next is the last installment or not, I am committed to at least one more book related to the Saga. It’s titled The Living and the Dead and will include a Readers Contest. The book is 16 or so short stories about the final days of humanity. Since the most common question I get is “are you going to put me in the book?” the answer is now a firm “maybe.” Later in the year I will spell out the details, but in general, readers will get a chance to pitch their last day and be included in the book.

I’m also excited to finish Sam’s Journal, an installment novella you can read on my website. Sam’s story is one of three to appear in my  project, “3 A.M.” The novel is made up of three novellas, Sam’s Journal, Snow Falls, and The Things that Drag You Down. It’s still a toss up between this book and Crimson Night. The latter of which I have been circling since 1997. I’m sort of waiting for the Vampire story disdain to end though. You can get a look at the general idea by reading my short stories, The Hunter and Vampire Lake. Crimson Night takes place at the start of a vampire apocalypse and promises to be the same pacing I used in the Creepers Saga. Trust me there won’t be any desire to hug, kiss or otherwise fall in love with these sadistic blood suckers.

If you haven’t read You and Me against the World, give it a spin. If you just can’t part with your hard earned cash then send me an email at and I’ll send you a free copy in exchange for an Amazon or Goodreads review.


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    • Rami – it may be that my “day world” is filled with the business of business LOL. A dorm reading – you’re braver than I. I speak often in front of groups…but not on my writing LOL

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