If you think killing zombies is difficult…try publishing a novel…twice.

You and Me Against the WorldOf course it was well worth it. Okay, so granted one of the reasons I republished book one, You and Me against the World was self-inflicted. There were a few editing misses in the novel and it was just killing me. The other reasons were not so obvious, but important just the same. Price being a big one. I never thought a first time author should have a $19.95 book, but of course I didn’t have any control over the price. And price drove another issue – author copies. It cost me nearly $13 to buy my own book which meant promotional copies and give aways were cost prohibitive. Artistically, I also wanted to make a couple of changes – like swapping chapters 4 and 5, like making chapter 12 the Epilogue (when I wrote it and placed it in the near middle I thought this was a one book story). And finally, while I liked the artistic placement of the title, I received enough feedback to realize it needed to be more direct.

So in the early summer of 2012 I finished book two of the Saga and went back to work on book one. The first obstacle was my book publisher. Less than cooperative with file changes. They had done a really great job with the original, but as a small publisher they just didn’t offer the kind of technology and services I needed. I couldn’t be creative with headers in the internal material, I couldn’t offer discounts, and I couldn’t track my sales or distribution. I decided to stick with my philosophy of “go big or go home” and went with the biggest POD publisher in the business (Amazon’s Createspace). That solved many problems but in June I had no idea the long road ahead.

After two months of self editing and soliciting some readers to provide feedback, I decided that to do this correctly I needed a professional editor. I found one in August and then the unfortunate happened. My original editor became ill. By October it was clear that neither book one or book two were going to meet my self-imposed publication date of December first. So I found another editing service and moved forward. I launched book one with Createspace and eagerly awaited the “proof” copy. It arrived the day before Christmas. I cracked it open…and was astounded to see missing page numbers and missing sections. In total the first proof had over 125 formatting issues. I was certain at that point that the books would never be published. It turned out to be a file conversion error, it was corrected and the second proof looked great.

I learned that it takes me longer to publish a book than it does to write the darn thing. But as I said, it was all worth it. The second edition of You and Me is the book I meant to write the first time. If you bought a copy of the original…hold on to it, it will be a collector’s edition someday (assuming you and everyone you know buys a copy of this new edition).

If you never got to the purchase last year well I have great news for you. The new edition is priced at a very reasonable $14.95. With book two right around the corner I am also offering a 20% discount when you use the code AD9S7GG2 at my Createspace book store page located at this link CREATESPACE.(Note you can’t use the discount on the Amazon.com site).

Buying the book makes sense for a couple of reasons beyond the fact that you will love this story – 1. It’s less than the cost of dinner for two at McDonald’s (okay I don’t know if that’s true). 2. People will stop saying that you’re being un-supportive, cheap or that you can’t read. 3. You won’t be invited to the movie party if you don’t buy it now (legal disclaimer: there is no current movie deal conversations as of this publication).

Okay so if you still aren’t crazy about spending $12 (after the discount). I have another option for you. For the first 10 people who email me at Raymond@nightmirrors.com I will send you a free copy of You and Me against the World if you are willing, upon completion to pop over to Amazon.com and write a customer review.

As for those patiently awaiting book two, All Our Foolish Schemes, my cover artist has just pinky sweared to complete the artwork by the end of the weekend. Assuming she takes pinky swears with the same seriousness as I do, then the second book should be out by month’s end . Kindle versions for both are underway and will carry a very attractive price. So thank you for your support and I’m off to write book three.


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