We exist as a fragile construct of thoughts and images. A stream of perceptions that create a past, define a present, and dictate a future. Life is but a brief walk upon a thin sliver of light surrounded by darkness. A precarious journey where the careless or the calculated foot may slip into the shadows.

Our fear smolders and burns in warning from the dark places. Its crimson flames reveal that there are things worse than death. Among them a cold embrace that fills us with both terror and desire. A thing we dare not examine and yet are helpless not to glance upon. A thing cloaked in denial.

Denial is fear’s painted mask. It can drive us, or define us, or serve as watchtower against dark playthings. We apply its deep colors upon that which we do not wish to consider, or to reveal, or to have others suspect. Selective hue and tone cover dark choices and seductive temptations. Layer upon layer we create a face for the world. A proper picture of life.

In a bright, silver reflection we draw and paint our self-portrait. Hands attend the careful strokes that lighten the darkness. Our secrets shadowed behind averted eyes and veiled expressions. An image that is but a watercolor painting threatened by the rain. For beneath that portrait lies another – a darker one. An image that beckons us to examine the fearful face that watches from the dark glass. A seductive and familiar expression in that black window.

Beyond that midnight pane lies a room built with thought and deed. A place with green-black walls constructed of the unattended and the unforgiven. Its contents awash in colors of denial that drift like ghosts among the bones of regret and the whispering screams of guilt, despair and black desire. There in the dark solitude voices speak in haunted truth. A terrifying self-reflection that calls to us from… the Nightmirrors.

~ ~ ~

Vacation…of which I am on…is always a busy creative time for me. I don’t have a lot of free hours to work on my writing so when opportunity strikes I take advantage. I consider my stories and novels to be a part of a larger body of work. I write each story with an underlying theme or motivation related to the characters portrayed. That message is that the “real” fear experienced is that from within more so than that from with out. The stage of monsters my characters interact with are simply an opportunity for them to explore themselves…their dark thoughts…and their denials.

The provided explanation of Nightmirrors was a manner in which to convey and summarize my body of work.


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