Announcement of a New Web Series on Nightmirrors

Bete Noir which I retitled Sam’s Journal for my web series is now posted. It’s an idea that I have been working on for a couple of years. The general idea for the story  I used in my web movie, The Open Door. In this story the reader gets a much bigger view of the entire neighborhood and more answers to “what is out there?” And I’m pretty certain the answer is “creepiness and death.”

One of the best things about writing You and Me, Against the World “on-line” was the ability to share the experience with my readers. Talking to folks about it helped me work out my ideas, but more importantly it motivated me to finish…to the point of writing a novel. I know it is a little crazy to start a new series while I am writing book two, All Our Foolish Schemes, and working a career, but I just can’t help myself. First the story of Sam’s Journal just won’t go away, so since it is haunting me I figure it might as well haunt you. Second, Bete Noir is a part of my 2013 novel 3 a.m. Which is made up of three novellas Snow Falls, Echoes in a Quiet Room, and Bete Noir. Each story deals with a neighborhood, horror, and the tie in to the elements (Snow, Wind and Rain). Third, Brandon, Nick and Chris are intent on making a film so I have to write a script anyway…and Sam’s Journal has enough creepy crazy but based in reality things, that it is the perfect setting for our amateur film (which will be set in a different part of the neighborhood than Sam’s and end very badly for all)

My priorities in writing however are clear. All Our Foolish Schemes has a self imposed publication deadline of November 2012. It’s round two so I can fully appreciate what it will take to get there. Sam’s Journal is a much different approach to writing than a novel or even a short story. Every other Sunday night I will post an entry from Sam’s Journal on my website. I am committed to keeping each entry below the 1500 word mark to ensure I don’t lose myself in this writing and fall off schedule on AOFS. I was also smart enough to write the first six entries before I made this announcement to account for my life/work schedule. Unlike a completed novel, I really don’t have all the answers to where Sam’s story will go or every detail of what will happen. I do have a general outline of some of the freaky stuff that is going to happen and as you’ll find out in the first entry…we pretty much know how it is going to end.

So please – come in and sit down for a moment, but first perhaps we should lock the door and draw the curtains. After all it is dark outside and we certainly do not want anything peering through the darkened windows while we sit and read this tale. As it seems, poor Sam is in an awful spot and things do not look like they are going very well, but wait let’s just allow him tell us in his own words…<Enter Sam’s World Here>

And while you’re over at Nightmirrors check out my latest short story “Ken-ya lenda hand,” I promise it’s some creepy stuff!


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