Stories, Graveyards and U&Me Against the World

For you the reader it may seem that I’ve been slacking off on my writing of late. In truth I’ve been doing my least favorite thing…editing…yawn, yawn and yawn. I have, however, cut some of the tedious editing process with short story writing. I just added three new short tales to the Nightmirrors website.

The Van which is a story inspired by a real life van in the Doubletree of Milford’s parking lot has been posted. A warning – the story has some fairly graphic sexual scenes so use caution if that kind of stuff offends.

The Hunter is also posted. A little vampire tale which is prework on my third novel, “Crimson Night,” which will see the light (or darkness) of the web in late 2012. If you want a little more on that story, you can also read “Vampire Lake” and “An unexpected fog.”

The final post is something that has been on my mind forabout two years. It’s called “A Run up the Stairs,” and was inspired by my daughter Ashley and therefore written with a version of her as the main character. I also did the story as an audio version on Graveyardradio…it actually sounds a bit creeper there so go have a listen if you’re not a reader.

Speaking of please visit my graveyardradio podcasts at Itunes and leave a comment or rate the stories. I plan to do several more audio versions so if you have a particular title you’ve seen but haven’t read on my
website that you’d like me to read to you…send me an email.

U&Me, Against the World Novel 1 draws ever closer to publication. I have spent the last month editing the hell out of it….geez what a mess. I am also working with artist Jessie Turrocote (probably killed the spelling there) on the cover art. The book will be available as both a kindle edition and in the traditional paper format. It’s no small cost to get a book published so when it’s out please beg everyone you know to buy a copy LOL.

Book Two has begun. My daughter Goldie finished the first and is now, along with my wife, demanding the continuation of the story…who am I to argue – have you ever been nagged by a teenage girl? It’s easier to roll along then listen to that. I have the first Act worked out and hope to begin publishing in December…the day job keeps me pretty busy though so we’ll see.

Well thanks for listening to my rants….and for reading along with my dark imagination.


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