U & Me, Chapter 17 Posted

I just published Chapter 17 – The Queens of Tarot – for U & Me, Against the World. It’s amazing how quickly (to me) I’m reaching the end of this novel. Just one more chapter and the already written epilogue and it is finished…sort of. The second novel will actually finish the story, so I hope I have kept your interest through these first eighty thousand words. I am now in the process of working with an illustrator for the kindle and print on demand (book) editions of the story. The final edit process for the text may take some time, but I hope to have it available for electronic publication by December.

I, of course, plan to continue with the writing and web publishing of the second novel as I prep the first for publication…so no I won’t make you wait until January to pick up the story again.

In other news, I plan to continue to create audio versions for my Itunes podcast station Graveyard Radio. The Hunter (A new story), the Blue Vase, and Vampire Lake will be the next three podcasts.


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