Graveyard Radio, Chapter 16 & the rest

So at a request for more audio stories, and because I never do things the easy way, I have created the Graveyard Radio Site to host my audio stories…complete with very cool introductions. The podcasts can be found in the Itunes’ store and you can subscribe if you want downloads as they’re posted. I currently have three episodes hosted there. If you aren’t an Ipod user, you can also visit the site directly at (no www.) or go to my website,   and follow the link. It’s free of course and all I ask in return is you tell everyone you know to go subscribe and rate the show LOL

I just posted U & Me, Against the World Chapter 16 to the website. So here’s the deal – I have said several times that I never even considered writing a novel length work. I love this story though and the writing has just happened. Now I find that within the next two chapters I will certainly be at the acceptable novel length of 85K words. That would be great except that we are only half way through the story. My plan is to end it at chapter 18. The novel will be called…U& Me, Against the World: The Creepers. As that book goes through the editing process, and makes its way to kindle publication (also working out something for print copy) I will continue with the second book…U & Me,Against the World: All our foolish schemes. I hope to finish that by the end of the year and then take it to publication.

If you’ve followed the story on-line, the final version will be slightly different. I have added an author’s note, a bunch of edits, and one additional section to Interludes Chapter 5.

I am also working on a short audio story called The Hunter. It, along with Vampire Lake, introduces the story line of my third novel, Crimson Night…or what I like to call, “Vampire Stories like they’re supposed to be written.” Crimson Night is in the early stages but I have the first couple of chapters worked out along with the story line. The short story Vampire Lake occurs before the novel and The Hunter occurs after the novel, so those two  together give you a pretty good idea of where it is going. One of the main characters is a guy named Rick who we met early on in U & Me, Against the World.  Poor guy can’t find a safe universe to live in apparently. Well that’s it for now, and I hope to have the next Chapter “The Queens of the Tarot” posted in the next couple of weeks.


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