U & Me, Chapter 15 plus new short story

Well I just published chapter 15 of U & Me, Against the World (nightmirrors.com). I have said in the past it was my goal to keep each chapter at 3,000 words or so. Okay, broke that little rule as 15 is around 8 thousand words. The plot line for this section was planned at two chapters, but as you will see by the new table of contents, it will be three. Apparently an outline doesn’t always match the number of words necessary to tell the tale, so I’m now guessing that my 5 chapter story…which became 1o…then 2o…is now about 28.  In addition to the new Chapter, I also added a new short story called, A World Without. You would think I have enough on my hands just trying to finish a novel, but this story just wouldn’t let me alone. It was easier to write it then have it creeping into my thoughts as I tried to concentrate on U & Me. If you prefer to wait, I am planning on doing an audio version of A World Without.  Chapter 16 and 17 should be completed in the next couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy the tales as much as I enjoy writing them.


Opinions are fun!

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