U & Me, Against the World – Book 2 is Here!!!

Book Two titled Fugue is up! It took a little longer to get through chapters 12 and 13…and to write an unexpected section, which became
chapter 14. Between work, travel, family, birthdays and all the rest was one reason for the delay. The second… and the larger delay was the direction of the
story. When you read chapter 12, you will understand that it was a big direction commitment…one I rather lamented over. It took me a while to decide
if I really wanted to go there…and ultimately I did.

I have already outlined and begun on chapters 15 and 16. I also have a very clear sense for
the rest and all the chapters are listed (although subject to additions). I still hope for completion by the end of summer.

The final chapters still have some real grey area so I may have to pause…but I am pretty sure it’s all there
in my dark mind…persistent echoes in a quiet room…just waiting in that closet for me to open the door…hope you enjoy!


Opinions are fun!

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