U & Me, Against the World…Book 1 Complete!!!

Okay Creeper fans I just uploaded Chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11 of U & Me, Against the World. The short story became a novella and the novella is now on its way to a novel. Chapters 1 through 11 represent what I call Book 1 of this two part novel.

I was extremely happy with the first part and I think it ended nicely and will satisfy until I start positing the chapters in Book 2.I have already outlined the second half, which is another eleven or so chapters (they tend to grow a bit from the outline). And most of it is written in my head, so it’s a matter of fingers to keyboard and then editing.

I plan to take a week or two off and then begin on the next couple of chapters. I’ll continue to post two or three at a time with hopes to complete by August or September.

In addition, I’ve posted the Book One “back story.” It won’t give away any of the future chapters, but will cover where the idea started, where it wound up, some of the hidden structure within the story that the reader may have missed along with the challenges and obstacles of publishing chapters rather than waiting to complete the entire story.


Opinions are fun!

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