The Good in a Bad Economy

The Economy is bad without a doubt. Many people struggle daily with its impact. Being the eternal optimist, however, I thought I might take a moment to point out the Top 10 Good Things in A Bad Economy.

  1. You finally have something to blame that 2002 credit card debt on
  2. You no longer feel bad about your credit score because 600 is the new 800
  3. Service calls on anything don’t require a wait
  4. The value of your house is so low even the bank doesn’t want it back
  5. Owning a small, used car now makes you look smart instead of cheap
  6. Debt consolidation is the new 401k
  7. You don’t have to throw away all those junk credit card offers anymore
  8. Ritz crackers and donuts are always buy one get one free
  9. The cashier at Barnes & Noble has a PhD and can help with research papers
  10. You can safely park your car at Wal-Mart between a Lexus and a Mercedes

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