Update: The Real Fear

For those of you who read my article on the “The Real Fear” I opened with the story of two employees whom were overpowered, sexually assaulted, in a random attack in which one died. It may have struck you as odd, that while the crime was random, the majority of my writing warned against the “casual acquaintance.”

The reasons for that seeming disconnect between the event and my advice is two-fold. The first is that someone they know commits the majority of violent crimes against a person. The cases of true “random” acts of violence are not as frequent as we believe.

The second reason is that the investigator in me cannot help but consider the possible connection in such reported random acts. To do so can seem politically incorrect at best and unsympathetic at worst. Nevertheless, experience teaches us that there is more to either the story or a connection between victim and perpetrator that has yet been revealed.

This case was unfortunately no different. Police arrested the surviving associate. The real story is more horrific than the associate’s original story. The two associates had an argument. The associate lured the first back into the store, then beat, and murdered her. The rest was an attempt to cover that up.

I will not belabor the lesson, but instead leave you with this chilling yet important thought:

Who knows what dark flowers blossom in the caverns of the human soul.


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