A young maiden was very much in love with a boy from her village. Unfortunately, she had caught the eye of an old and powerful village magistrate. She could not tell the magistrate ‘no’ for to do so would mean many hardships for her family. The magistrate in turn wished to seem fair and avoid the ridicule of his peers. So he designed a trap.  One day he approached the maiden on a path and said, “We shall let fate decide for us.” He reached down and took some stones from the path. “In this bag I will place a white stone and a black stone. If you select the black from the bag we shall marry and if you select the white we shall not.”  The girl masked her alarm as she saw the magistrate secretly place two black stones into the bag. At first, the maiden feared that her fate was sealed. Then, happily, she reached into the bag, selected a stone, and removed it. When her hand left the bag, she purposefully, but discreetly dropped the stone and it disappeared into the others on the ground. “Do not fret my magistrate I have a solution. Look into the bag and whatever color stone is there, mine was the other.”

Obstacles are the things we see when we forget to focus on solutions.


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