Current News on Nightmirrors

If you watched my short film prior to FEB 20th, I just couldnt resist doing a little editing. I hated the “board the door” scene so I re-shot it with an alternate scene (much creepier). I also added a short “interview” at the end that talks about the project (just for fun). If you missed the update, I complete the story “The Puzzle” as an audio version (because Devin won’t read them…they need to be read to him 🙂 ) I am currently working on three stories simultaneously (in all my free time). I’m not sure which I will complete first but in no particular order they are: U and me against the world (my version of zombies), Snow Falls which is three different but crossover stories that occur in the town of NorthField ( a combination of the two places I grew up) and The Things That Drag You Down which has a aire of erotic horror to it so be warned if you find that stuff to be inappropiate.

Facebook readers, I added a blog to my site for all of these updates – it is and you can get there from here or from Its a good place to leave comments or start discussions if you like to talk about horror stories, movies, or pretty much anything. Thanks for reading!


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